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Oct 18, 2012 6:00pm EDT
than government. >> same-sex marriage is on the ballot here in minnesota. will voters passed a constitutional amendment defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman, effectively banning same-sex marriage? then we go to freeport, illinois, were six more people have been arrested protesting plans by mitt romney's former company bain capital to close a plant and move their jobs to china. >> bank capital board has made their decision. the sensata ceo has made his decision. so we believe the only person in the world who can stop these jobs from being moved is mitt @romney, because of his relationship with the bain board, his financial investment in bain capital. >> a new exposÉ by investigative journalist greg palast, in a "mitt romney's bailout bonanza: how he made millions from the rescue of detroit." >> part of a massive bailout, it u.s. taxpayers paid $12 billion to save u.s. auto parts corporation. 3 billion years and their partners to in a profit of over $4 billion. one big winner, a profit of over 4000% for the silent partner, ann and mitt romney. of that and mor
Oct 13, 2012 9:30pm CDT
. that looked like rubio. back to taj. raises up. the rebound taken down by minnesota. one and done right now for the bulls. two on that sequence and then thrown away. nate robinson runs all the way in and the lay-up is good. 79-70. that was nearly picked off by jimmy butler. barea, the veteran telling his guys, come on, we have to finish this off. a nine-point t-wolves lead with 55 seconds. barea runs through traffic. [whistle] and then back to budinger. they can offered to run some clock here. shot clock to 10. shved inside. pekovic, no. but he is going to get to the free-throw line. the foul is on taj gibson. that is his sixth. gibson fouls out. 18 minutes, 1-5 from the field, five rebound and four points. stacey: the bulls are going to have a couple of days off before they have to get back on tuesday. again, this is going to be a process. so many new players. missing luol deng tonight, and rip hamilton, who would have made a difference. neil: and those were not injuries. tib just wanted to give them a night off. you see this happen all the time in the
Oct 11, 2012 7:30pm PDT
, they believe in one thing. there could be a person from south dakota, a person from minnesota, a person from montana, all getting together, and they believe in one unity, one thing together. my son has been raised around the ojibway way all his life - he pretty much grew up in minnesota and he sings the songs and dances the songs of the ojibway, so he has no - he hasn't asked really yet, but there will be a time when he asks and a time, i'm sure, he'll want to learn the ways of his mother's tribe. >> i have a follow-up question. i know with the navajos, it's paternal, that you are traced through your mother, and your mother's mother. with the ojibway, is it fraternal or paternal, or is it the same as the northern cheyenne? >> it's the same. basically, all native americans believe in the mother - the mother earth. the females created us; without the females, we wouldn't be here. and that's the same way we believe we have a lot of respect for the female - the females. >> yeah, as you said - and i love this image with the sweat lodge - you're actually moving back into the womb, back into the mo
Oct 14, 2012 10:00am PDT
, a vigorous battle in minnesota over same sex marriage. should the state constitution be amended to define marriage as only between a man and a woman? fred de sam lazaro tells the story. >>> welcome, i'm bob abernethy. it's good to have you with us as we begin today a three-part series we call "none of the above. it's about the fast-rising number of people in this country who say they have no affiliation with any particular religion. according to a new survey released this week by the pew research center's forum on religion and public life in partnership with this program, that number is now the highest it's ever been in any pew polling. when pollsters ask whether people are baptist or catholic or jewish or some other religious tradion, more and mo peoe say, in fect "none of the above." so they have come to be called the nones -- n-o-n-e-s. we wanted to know who these nones are, why they are unaffiliated and what that says about the future of american religious life. greg smith is a senior researcher at pew's forum on religion and public life. >> today in 2012 almost one in five american a
FOX News
Oct 30, 2012 9:00pm PDT
kerr, but some of the states that were strong obama like minnesota that are now in the lean obama column, and they have to send bill clinton out today to minnesota to try to help. >help. >> sean: i'm here to save my buddy, barack obama. >> the headlines coming out of that were so bad, i wouldn't have sent him in the first place. >> sean: here's the deal. they gotta send joe biden to pennsylvania because the polls are so close. michigan is tied, wisconsin is tied, colorado, romney is up, virginia he's up, florida he's up, and we have rasmussen now showing the moment ump has shifted in ohio. if i'm barack obama, there's no poll now moving in his direction, juan, and states that he won by huge margins, he's either tied or just slightly ahead. that's a problem for him. >> well, look. i don't think anyone debates the idea it's going to be a very close race, but the numbers you put out. >> sean: which ones? >> they're all sided. >> ask juan about the npr poll. >> go ahead, dana. >> let's talk about the npr poll. an 8-point swing? >> there's a margin of error, dana. hold on. dana was aro
FOX News
Oct 31, 2012 3:00am EDT
that were strong obama like minnesota that are now in the lean obama column, and they have to send bill clinton out today to minnesota to try to help. >help. >> sean: i'm here to save my buddy, barack obama. >> the headlines coming out of that were so bad, i wouldn't have sent him in the first place. >> sean: here's the deal. they gotta send joe biden to pennsylvania because the polls are so close. michigan is tied, wisconsin is tied, colorado, romney is up, virginia he's up, florida he's up, and we have rasmussen now showing the moment ump has shifted in ohio. if i'm barack obama, there's no poll now moving in his direction, juan, and states that he won by huge margins, he's either tied or just slightly ahead. that's a problem for him. >> well, look. i don't think anyone debates the idea it's going to be a very close race, but the numbers you put out. >> sean: which ones? >> they're all sided. >> ask juan about the npr poll. >> go ahead, dana. >> let's talk about the npr poll. an 8-point swing? >> there's a margin of error, dana. hold on. dana was around in '08, i'm sorry, back in '04
Oct 5, 2012 4:00am PDT
minnesota. >> just 47 in the twin cities. 50s for much of the midwest and central plains. 77 in dallas. and 80s from new orleans to new york. 60s from salt lake city to seattle. >>> and when we come back this morning, with all the talk about jobs, we get some all-important numbers later today. >>> then, more coffee, more jobs. starbucks announcing ambitious, new plans. >>> and lights, camera, will you marry me? what might be one of the most intricate wedding proposals ever. >>> welcome back, everybody. well, from wall street to the campaign trail, the big focus is today's release of the september employment report, the next-to-last one before the election. and it is likely to show more jobs created last month than in august. but not by much. and ahead of the numbers we get another snapshot on jobs. the number of americans applying for first-time unemployment benefits rose slightly for the week. up to 377,000. >>> if you thought mortgage rates couldn't go any lower, think again. rates have tumbled to all-time lows for the second-straight week, falling as the federal reserve buys bonds t
Oct 8, 2012 4:00am PDT
and detroit and new york, 60s from texas to minnesota. 95 in phoenix, and 75 in sacramento. >>> and coming up this columbus day, really going to extremes. how about a skydive from 23 miles up? it's like a marathon for a sky drive. >> good luck for that one. >>> and those sky-high gas prices now at an emergency measure could mean help is on the way for folks in california. >>> and later, 25 cars crash. the wreck they're calling the big one. >>> welcome back, everyone. california is taking emergency steps to bring down its record gasoline prices. gas costs more there than anywhere else in the country. the average price is $4.66 a gallon and is well above $5 in that area, as you're seeing. refineries now have the green light to switch to cheaper, wind blend gas. meantime, thieves hitting the california gas stations three times stealing gas. >>> well, there is a warning of another global recession. new numbers show the world recovery is, quote, on the rope, because of economies here in spain which lully saw new protests over the weekend. many governments unable to take politically unpopular steps
Oct 31, 2012 6:00am PDT
, maybe romney does have some momentum. think minnesota, michigan and pennsylvania. but then you have to look at the campaign body language and it's hard not to con chewed that r romney's campaign is acting as if they believe they are behind at least when it comes to the state of ohio. for starters, the romney campaign likely would not be airing this controversial jeep ad if they believe they were winning. both chrysler and gm are firing back at romney. chrysler ceo said in a statement jeep assembly lines will remain in operation in the united states and will con sstitute th backbone of the grand. it is inaccurate to suggest anything different. a gm spokesman told the detroit news, quote, we've clearly enter ed some parallel universe during the last few days, no amount of campaign politics at its cynical worst will diminish the record of creating jobs in the united states. remember, this new romney jeep ad claims that all factual statements in it, the implication is different, but the statements themselves say jeep is being built in china, which the ad says for the implication, of cou
Oct 11, 2012 11:30pm EDT
their none of minnesota in the latest edition of 4 down showdown. >> this is the 4 down showdown presented by your local nissan dealers. >> reporter: it is week six of the 4 down showdown and right now defense leads the offense 3- 1. representing the defense linebacker ryan kerrigan, representing the offense special teacher and wide receiver brandon banks. you can say your piece because -- special teams and wide receiver brandon banks. you can say your piece because the pressure interest on. >> should be another cakewalk for the defense. >> reporter: the 1st down question, the fastest answer that's right wins. what is the capital of minnesota? no. >> st. paul. >> reporter: st. paul it is. 1-0 defense. no pressure, brandon. 2nd down, the hubert h. humphrey metrodome used to be home to this other pro minnesota team. >> i said it first. >> reporter: cameraman, who do we give it to? we'll give it a tie. 2-1. 3rd down. this is not a nickname for minnesota, a, a land of 10,000 lakes, b, the bread and butter state, c, the north star state or d, they're all names. >> north star state. >> d. >>
Oct 12, 2012 4:25am EDT
their knowledge of minnesota in the latest edition of four down showdown. showdown. fur. >> reporter: it is week six of the four down showdown and the defense is leading the offense 3-1. representing the defense ryan kerrigan and the offense, brandon banks. >> should be another cakewalk for the defense. no doubt. >> i like it. we'll start with the first down question. the fastest answer plus you have to get it right wins. what is the capital of minnesota. >> minneapolis. >> no. st.paul. >> it is 1-0 defense. no pressure brandon. >> second down, the hubert h. humphrey metrodome, the vikings stadium used to be home to this other pro minnesota team. >> i said it first. >> that is a tie. >> would do we give it to. >> we'll do a tie. third down. this is not a nickname for minnesota. a land of 10,000 lakes. the bred and butter state. the north star state or d they're all names. >> d. >> bread and butter state. >> or all of the above. >> all of the above. >> the bread and butter state. >> i've heard the 10,000 lakes one. never the other ones. >> that was a true process of elimination. >> we're tied up
Oct 4, 2012 4:00am PDT
minnesota, with some areas getting up to a foot of snow, getting towards that time of year again. here we go. also, rain could be heavy at times in the northeast, around boston, new york, philly and d.c. showers and thunderstorms from wilmington, north carolina, down to miami. mostly dry for the rest of the country. >> get out the winter coats for the kids. need to wash them. atlanta 86. new orleans, 60s for the central plains. and from salt lake city into the pacific northwest. >>> the state where gas prices are soaring this morning. 5 bucks a gallon could be in sight. we'll tell you where. >>> and forget free. facebook wants you to pay to make sure that your friends read your posts. >>> and later in the show, the breakout star of the denver debate is, yeah, that big fellow right there. the one and only big bird. >>> welcome back, everybody. well, millions of california drivers are facing some pretty serious sticker shock. a pipeline closure and refinery problems have sent gas prices there to the highest ever for this time of year. up 5 cents in a day, to an average of $4.23 a gallon. and g
Oct 9, 2012 4:00am PDT
minnesota. showers around minneapolis and green bay. moving later into chicago and kansas city. >> 60s in the midwest. and 70s from albuquerque all the way to boise. >>> when we come back this morning, one of the worst cases of hoarding ever. we'll tell you where and show you just how bad it is. >>> and something new in the sugary beverage battle. get ready for soda machines that dispense calorie counts. >>> and the show must go on, they say. a qvc guest passes out on the air. but the co-host, he keeps on pitching. >>> welcome back, everyone. american airlines is promising improvement this morning. the bankrupt carrier's ceo admits the past couple of weeks have been rough on its passengers. but delays and cancellations, but its on-time performance last month was 25% worse than its major competitors. but ceo tom horton says american is working through its problems. >>> there is good news down the road for california drivers. analysts say wholesale gas prices are plunging, that's right, plunging. and retail prices should catch up later this week. the state is allowing refineries to switc
Oct 4, 2012 2:00am PDT
of minnesota. fargo could get some. here is a web cam, the university of north dakota medical school. you can see the snow coming down. there's a car in the background getting snow covered. as temperatures fall, you'll see the snow accumulating on the roads. as far as how much snow, six to 12 inches to the north and west of grand forks on the minnesota side. fargo, north dakota, one to three inches. just an early taste of winter for them. new york city down to d.c., it's a mild morning on the eastern sea board. the humidity is still with us. the cold air in the middle of the country is going to take a bit to get to the east coast. >> thanks so much. >>> hp plunges. fbi black market bus and hiring 300,000 employees. sounds good. celebrities offer brutal critiques of last night's presidential debate. that's just ahead. you are watching "first look" on msnbc. [ female announcer ] ready for a taste of what's hot? check out the latest collection of snacks from lean cuisine. creamy spinach artichoke dip, crispy garlic chicken spring rolls. they're this season's must-have accessory. lean cuisine. be
Oct 25, 2012 12:00pm EDT
. the northwestern edge of the storm. but also in minnesota, the western great lakes, iowa into nebraska, a combination of rain and snow. that is a cold front. it looks like sandy and that cold front will come together over the mid-atlantic or the middle east -- mideast, and that will cause a larger storm. it could be a nor'easter or some kind of hybrid. we will talk about that, coming up with the forecast. >> city police are investigating a homicide in south baltimore. the victim is an active duty member of the military. john collins is live outside of city police headquarters with new information. >> baltimore city police are asking for the public's help to catch the killer of u.s. servicemen. they have identified him as 24 year-old alonso gladen. he had been on leave just one day from the navy. he was based in norfolk, virginia. last night as he and the relative to exit their vehicle, police say they were visiting family, two men approached, firing shots. the relative that he was with was unharmed. please do not have a motive and have not identified any suspects and is asking anyone w
Oct 31, 2012 12:00pm PDT
. that's what if i were a fly on the wall what i would hear is what's happening in minnesota, when's happening in ohio, what's happening in iowa? who's contacting whom? do we have the right number of people? are we on in the right places? i think that's what they're focusing own and will take care of itself one way or the other. i do think that on balance if there's a benefit, it's a benefit to the president because if mitt romney was trying to make his closing argument, his closing surge-like argument where there is no real surge, he would have needed the eyes and the attention of the media on him at the top of all of the news shows and he's not getting this. >> we have seen the value of big government versus small government here, right? >> well, i think so. i think the fact is that an event like sandy so much bigger than any one state or even any group of states to deal with, it's a silent testimony to the need and the value of a federal government because only the federal government has the kind of wherewithal to deal with it. look what happens in new york city. the corps of en
Oct 16, 2012 5:30am EDT
bbua xionn reports... a university oo minnesota study finds flu vacccnes may not offer enough protection. proteecion. --reporttr pkg-as folllws --"a little pooe here maxine..."as a nurse tierni mcginn nows theeimportancc off a flu shot, especially for thee given morr than 50 shots in s just a few hoors aa becketwood cooperative, a senior livvng centerr but a new study from the university of minnesota warns, the vaccines we are so "that the current influenza substantially lower thannfor most routine recommenned vaccines nd is suboptimal." michael osterholm is with the ddseases research and policy. his team of ressarrhers found that during some ffu seasons eefeetive, especially for the elderly. the study says the adults at a ratt of aboot 59 percent and didn't protect children or seniors. the tudy also found that the nasal spray vaccine offered time for adults and shhwed nn evvdencc of protection for children or seniors. e till urgessppople to get the flu shoo because he ays defense we have. "we believe current influenza vaccines will continue to ave a role pn reducing influenza mo
Oct 4, 2012 12:00pm EDT
. but there is another one in the midwest and there was snow in minnesota today. winter is right around the corner. it looks nice at the beach beyond her ocean city has 79 degrees, 77 degrees at bwi marshall. krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the... number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children. >> a charge is expected to increase bills by $1 to $2 per month. the fee is one of 11 recommendations listed in a report by state task force to improve maryland's utilities. the commission was assessed -- the commission has assessed utilities. the number of americans seeking unemployment benefits rose to three and 67,00
Oct 5, 2012 12:00pm EDT
. there will be blizzard like conditions in parts of minnesota and the dakotas. this morning, temperatures were in the 20's. they have snow on the ground. that will not be the situation for us, but it is an indication of the cold air that will be coming in behind that front. temperatures are climbing. with all that sunshine, 77 in annapolis. on the boardwalk, a 76. parton, 74. weston, 72. almost 80 in frederick. here is the satellite image with these clouds. there is the storm itself spinning around. this is the windy, blizzard part where snow is still falling in parts of minnesota. most of it is canada -- in canada right now. things have really begun to chill down up there. the front itself is running through central ohio at this time. mild temperatures ahead of the front. at the moment, we are enjoying the nice side of this. once we get through the weekend, we will be on the other side. it's quite a bit chillier. west southwest winds at 10 with a lot of sun today. sun said this evening at 6:42. for boaters, there is some open shop on the day. down in texas, as far as baseball is concerned, this evening i
Oct 30, 2012 3:00am PDT
-- >> and minnesota, minnesota is not even a key swing state. you've got bill clinton going in because a new poll shows mitt romney within the margin of error in minnesota. plus, you have some information about some space where the republicans are about to start rushing in and putting up campaign ads that are not states that the obama team thought they would have to worry about one week out. >> we're going to go into election day not knowing. i don't care how rabid a partisan you are, we're going to go into election day not knowing who is going to win this. the race is simply too close, too many variables and the storm has a lot of new ones. we just can focus on what we see. one thing we see is democrats are playing a little bit more definition than they thought they would. and if you bring those states in to the electoral college picture, minnesota, pennsylvania, maybe michigan, where republican allies of mitt romney are now going on the offensive, it changes the electoral college outlook quite a bit. not saying governor romney's going to win any of those. they say we're not going to lose these
FOX News
Oct 5, 2012 2:00am PDT
the midwest. check out this brand new video snow falling over minnesota and north dakota. some areas may see a foot by the end of today. the wet snow causing trouble on the roads and knocking out power to thousands of people. >>> guest who the first lady would like to pick to play president obama if a movie were made about him? >> you are responsible for your house guest. i am your house guest. >> there you see him right there. mrs. obama said she would probably choose denzel washington. pop sugar viewers an entertainment network asked. there's another actor that could give him a run for his money, will smith because of his ears. the first lady declined to answer who would play her in a movie. that is your 5@5:00. >> both nice looking men. >> president obama and mitt romney both back on the campaign trail after their first presidential debate. romney looking to keep his momentum from what many call a decisive win in round one. peter doocy is live from washington with more. >> good morning heather. mitt romney's boast debate strategy is clearly to keep pressure on the president. he went into
Oct 11, 2012 4:00am PDT
the canadian border. that will be northern minnesota to michigan. a chilly and drier day in new england to the mid-atlantic regions. >> 60s in the northeast and midwest. 80s from dallas to miami. and 70s in the rockies. >>> and when we come back, cold comfort for millions of homeowners. a painful prediction on winter heating bills. >>> and be careful who you wish for. lance armstrong wanted to know who accused him of doping. now, he knows. >>> and the huge amount we're spending to get our pets in the halloween spirit. >ñ?x?xpcs6 >>> welcome back. the latest snapshot of the economy showed growth continued at a modest base. the fed's new book shows activity picking up over the late summer. the housing market provided a big boost, with existing home sales up in every region. and prices holding steady or increasing in many areas. >>> more than two years after the deepwater horizon disaster, there's word bp and the justice department are close to a settlement over the spill. "the wall street journal" reporting negotiations have been heating up, with the two sides hammering out a multibillio
Oct 4, 2012 5:00pm EDT
. on the north side, though, it is currently 29 degrees in northern minnesota. that is the first winter storm of the season in parts of northern minnesota. folks out in minnesota there is some color, but 6-10 inches of snow across extreme northern parts of minnesota. power outages, a winter storm warning. well north of the great lakes. that amount is a little bit much. around us, there is nothing going on. the leading edge of that colder air will be sweeping in as we get on into friday -- to sunday. 79 degrees as we had gone into a really delightful friday. look at minneapolis, the temperature is 49 degrees. the temperature has dropped 30 degrees. the main thing for us is a return of more october-ish air. later on in the weekend this big area of stormy ness, this trough in the atmosphere will be coming our way. but not tomorrow. the clouds are moving out overnight tonight, a very nice. tomorrow, it will be in the 60's. midmorning, temperatures will be in the mid-60's. temperatures rise once again to 80 degrees. outdoor recess day tomorrow. temperatures and high as 70's to about 80. some of th
Oct 5, 2012 5:00am EDT
to minnesota and the dakotas. more than a foot in minnesota. that line will be approaching us for the weekend. we don't expect snowfall, but we could get rainfall. clouds increasing saturday with a chance of showers. a better chance of rain on sunday. then we will watch the high pressure building behind that. mostly sunny today, less humid 77-82. mainly clear tonight 52-62. temperatures dropping by 25 degrees by sunday at 67 degrees. i would like to connect with you. i did send out a few weeks -- tweets this morning. call me on twitter or go to facebook. let's check and traffic with angela. >> it's going quite well. the accident not causing any trouble on 270 at montgomery village. there is a live look to see how things are flowing through germantown on 270. 29 moving well towards the beltway. 95 and the b-w parkway as well. getting through prince george's county of 50 as well as route 5 all moving well towards 495. in virginia there's one trouble spot in crystal city. glebe road is closed between south hays and south joyce. southbound expected to open sometime before 6:00 this morning. back
Oct 31, 2012 7:00am EDT
. host: the former president was in minnesota yesterday a. here's what yet to say typing the storm to climate change. >> in the first debate, the triumph of a the moderates. the remember what he did? he ridiculed the president. for his efforts to fight global warming and economically -- in economically beneficial ways. he said he will turn back to sea. and in my part of america we would like if someone could have done that yesterday. all up and down. [applause] all up and down the east coast. there are mayors, many republicans are being told, you have to move these houses away from the ocean, climate change is going to rise below water level on a permanent basis. if you want to be insured, you have to do this. in the barrio world, barack obama's policies were better. bill clinton in minnesota yesterday. talking about the global climate change and mitt romney's policies on a bat. we will hear from governor romney. he took a campaign event and made it into an egg acknowledgement of the storm and the victims. james in texas. an independent. caller: good morning. host: caller: good mor
Oct 31, 2012 7:00am PDT
that you're advertising now in places like pennsylvania and minnesota, because you're worried about your path to 270? >> actually not. we're expanding the map. i mean this isn't a question of 270, it's a question of 300 or more. when you look at ohio, frankly, i disagree with that. i think we're doing extremely well in ohio. this is a poll -- a state where six, seven weeks ago the president was up ten, then six and five and we have this dead even or better in our direction. our ground game in ohio is second to none. we feel very, very good about ohio. and what we've been able to do -- >> if your ground game is second to none -- i just want to stop you there. if your ground game is second to none, where is early voting going two to one to obama? >> because i think you're looking at a very top level number. how many votes did they put in and how much did they put in. when you look at percentage of registration, we're outperforming our registration in the state and they're underperforming. we're overperforming what we did in 2008. they're underperforming 2008. we have a lot more election da
Oct 21, 2012 9:40pm EDT
, campaigned in minnesota. it begins with remarks by the governor of minnesota. >> a great honor for us to have you here, dr.biden. we have such a great opportunity in minnesota to roll the dice and sweep it all. we have elected a majority to the minnesota house the set-- [applause] to terrible constitutional amendments that have -- [applause] we can re-elect our congressmen and women and add congressional seats. and reelect are tremendous -- she is here. and also, whose district we are now. and then, of course, the reason we are all here today, we need to reelect a great president and a great vice president. [applause] you did not come here to hear about them from me. you came here -- i did not even come here to hear a me. i came here to hear dr. biden. >> one reason i am supporting president obama is that i have a feeling he is grounded in the real world. as i started researching dr. b iden, i found that she is, too. i also found that we had a lot in common. we had both got married in the 1970's and had children in the 1980's. i started at the -- teaching in the -- minneapolis and 1970, and t
Oct 22, 2012 1:00am PDT
is on the upcoming ballot in maryland. one of the people supporting the referendum is minnesota vikings punter chris kluwe. he wrote a stating letter to one maryland lawmaker. our poppy harlow went to minnesota to get kluwe's take on the marriage issue and more. >> reporter: this is the chris kluwe most football fans know, and this is the minnesota vikings punter posing for a prominent gay magazine. what is this fight about for you? >> to me this fight is about equality and human rights. >> reporter: kluwe, who is not day, isn't coming out, he's speaking out, loudly. where would you say this real passion to defend gay marriage came from? >> the fact is that there are american citizens who pay taxes, who serve in our military, who defend this country who are not benefiting under the same legal protections and laws that the rest of us are. and, to me, that's flat out discrimination. that's the same as segregation or suffrage. >> reporter: in a state divided over a proposed constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage, kluwe's taken his fight to blogs and twitter. he recently sent a profanity lace
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